OHA Stratford Cullitons

What is a Culliton?

A Culliton... is it a mythological creature from ancient times? An aggressive tenacious animal from lands far away? The Greek god of victory?  Actually it is none of these things. In 1975 the Stratford Jr. B hockey team, at that time called the Warriors, were looking for a local company or group to provide financial assistance to the team.

At the same time a local service and construction company, R.T. McBride Limited, owned and operated by two brothers, Keith and George Culliton, was considering changing the name to Culliton Brothers Limited. The fit was perfect. Keith and George Culliton and Dave Teahen recognized the advertising value of a team named after their company and so the deal was made. The team from that time on would operate under the name Stratford Cullitons to reflect the support of the company, Culliton Brothers Limited, provided to the team.

After more than two decades of sponsorship the success of both the hockey team and company has made the name Culliton synonymous with first class commitment, hard work, fair play, competitive spirit, and quality year in year out.

You can visit the Culliton website at www.culliton.com